Make Man Yachting, 5,35 meters

Lefkas Motorboat with Selva 30/40hp 4 strokes, power trim, electric starter, steering wheel, Gps-plotter, depth counter, Radio-Mp3-Sd-USB-Aux-Bluetouth, cruising bimini, swimming ladder, cushioned seats canopy, safety eqp, mobile telephone, second backup outboard engine. 7 people maximum. No driving licence required.

Motor boat for hire

Speedboat in Sivota Lefkada, Greece

London is a Man Yachting 5,35 meter, very comfortable and spacy boat for up to 7 guests. It has a 30/40 hp 4 stroke Selva which gives a cruising speed of 18 knots and max 25 knots. The engine is of the best outboard engines very economic on fuel, with average whole day consumption 15-23 litters. Selva 30/40 is the fastest outboard on the category of no driving certificate needed. It is a boosted engine stronger than any other standard 30 hp. On boat there is also a wide bimini to protect you from sun and you may always keep it open while you cruising.

All around the boat there are cushioned seats to make your travel even more comfortable. Boat is equipted with a Gps-plotter that allows you all time to know the excact location of your cruising, speed and depth. You will never need to worry about where are you and where you heading to. Last boat has a second back up outboard engine Yamaha 4hp. And of course for any case there is a mobile on boat that you may use it any time to contact us.

Apr 1 → May 31, 2023€90
Jun 1 → Jul 15, 2023€120
Jul 16 → Jul 31, 2023€120
Aug 1 → Aug 7, 2023€120
Aug 8 → Aug 31, 2023€130
Sep 1 → Sep 24, 2023€120
Sep 25 → Nov 5, 2023€100

Stay at least 3 days, -15.0% Discount. Stay at least 2 days, -10.0% Discount.
For more than 5 guests crew there is a 20% surcharge.

**Contact us for discounted rates on multiple days rental**


Terms and Conditions

Skippers’ qualifications

Skippers experience and capability of handling the boat, is the first and basic condition of each renting. This is for yours and boats safety. Our smaller motor boats with 30/40hp don’t require any speed boat driving certificate. The renter is the driver of the boat and doesn’t allow anyone else of his crew to handle it. Driver needs to be older than 18 years and alcohol is not allowed while handling the boat. If needed, on request we can arrange a skipper to handle the boat. Skippers’ fee varies according to the period from 80 to 100 euro per day.


All boats are given with full tank of fuel and at the end of your trip we refill it so to know exactly the boats consumption. Fuel or engines oil is not included in boats rental price.

Safety – back up

All boats are provided with all safety equipments (life jackets, fire extinguishers, etc ) that Greek regulations require. Each of our motorboats is in excellent service and detail maintenance so you will enjoy your trips. There is a second auxiliary outboard engine for backup, and in any rare chance of trouble occurs, we are available and in contact the whole time of your cruise. There is a mobile on each boat too, so to contact us for any trouble or question and if needed we will reach to your help.

Crew numbers

Crew on each boat must never exceed boats maximum legal capacity. “London” max crew is 7 persons,infants and children are counted in the numbers. If these numbers are exceeded locally, the boat hire company has the right to cancel the rental agreement.

Boat damages – reparation

Renter needs to return boat at the same state as he took it over. Storm damage, or loss/damage due to inadequate or careless mooring, bad handling or negligence, is entirely the responsibility of the renter and will be charged accordingly. Renter is asked before taking over the boat, to check and inspect for any previous damages on boat and equipments. Propeller damage varies between 100 to 200 euros.


All our boats are insured towards third party liability. Still any loss or damage of the crew is not included so we suggest checking with your travel insurance for this coverage.

Bookings – deposit

Bookings of our motorboats are done, either through our site contact, or on our boats base at Ionion Taverna SivotaLefkada. For bookings of 3 days and more a 25% deposit is required and rest cash, up on your arrival. It is recommended for the high season of July and August to pre book – reserve the dates you wish, as due to high season if you let it for last minute, you may not find any availability for the dates you like.


Cancelation charges: Less than 14 days prior to departure booking deposit non refundable.

Boats take over

Our speedboats are available at Sivota of Lefkada, from middle of April to the end of October for daily or weekly boat hire. Take over time is 09:00 to 11:00 am and for safety must be returned back to base before gets dark, 18:00-19:00. Earlier return doesn’t deduct any amount of the daily rental fee. Maximum cruising distance from the coast must not exceed 6 NM and each day boats needs to be back at its base in front of “Ionion” Taverna at Sivota Lefkada. An identification document of the renter will be asked to present before each sail out.

Bad weather

In case of bad weather and sailing prohibition by the port authorities, the booking will move to the next possible day or rental fee will be returned to guests.

Cruising limits

Due to open sea dangerous conditions, it is not allowed any cruising on the west cost of Lefkada, or cruising to other far islands of Cephalonia or Ithaca.

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Contact Details
Price from:
€80 - 130
Sivota Lefkada, Greece
  • No Licence Required
Model: Man Yachting 5,35 Fuel: Diesel Capacity: 7 Speed: 25 knots
  • Power Trim, Cruising Bimini, Second Engine
  • Electric Starter, Swimming Ladder
  • Steering Wheel, Cushioned Seats canopy
  • Gps-Plotter, Safety Eqp, Fish finder
  • Depth Counter, Mobile Telephone
  • Radio-Mp3-Sd-USB-Aux-Bluetouth
Yannis Fatouros
Taverna Ionian
31082 Sivota Lefkada
Ionian Islands, Greece
Phone:  +30 2645 031 178
Mobile:  +30 6944 133 378