The Magical Island of the Ionian Sea

Starting with one of our speedboats from Sivota you have so many options for your trip. There are about a hundred of ideal paradise beaches around the south – east costs of Lefkas together with a number of other smaller islands as well. Before you start we will be very happy to provide you a map with marked some of the best places to be for swimming, landscapes and of course places where you may stop for a lunch by the sea.

Our suggestion will always be to visit the beautiful bays and harbors where you cannot reach by car during your stay on Lefkas. So like this you will avoid the packed noisy beaches with hundreds other people driving there and you may always have your privacy and comfort with your family and friends. There is no point to visit places with a boat where you can drive with a car. This in any case you may do any other day that you will not have the boat.

Except the main beaches where you may drive to with a car there are many more that you may access by boat only and enjoy your time in peace and privacy. Some of the beaches are hidden or big enough just for one boat parked so you may have your private paradise!

Except Lefkas, some of the other nearby islands that you may visit with our boats are:

Meganisi with 2 main traditional harbor villages on the north part of the island, Spartochori and Vathy, where during your day trip you may stop for lunch at some great recommended tavernas by the water. On the island you will find numerous sunny and crystal water beaches all along the west side down to the very south of it, that you will definitely need more than a day to enjoy most of it. Not to forget visiting the famous Papanikolis cave with its active part in history as a hide and ambush place for a small submarine during 2nd ww, and on top of it its everlasting wild beauty. Papanikolis cave is so big that you may drive in with the boat and inside at the end of it there is hidden a small beach.

Meganisi Lefkada    Meganisi Lefkada 2    Meganisi Cave Papanikolis   Meganisi Lefkada 3   Meganisi Lefkada 4    Meganisi Lefkada 5

A group of small islands north of Meganisi, with Scorpios standing out for its unique beauty and history of international jet set. Former owned by the great Aristotelis Onasis family has hosted so many famous people from around the world. Today is again a private island, of Russian millionaire Ribolovlef family, but still it is allowed the approach and swimming on the south beach of island. Except Scorpios Island there are another 2 islands next to it, Sparti and Tsokari still owned by Onasis family, Madouri and Cheloni owned from Greek national poet Aristotlis Valaoritis family and last Scorpidi Island.

Lefkada Scorpios    Lefkada Scorpios    Lefkada Scorpios

Kalamos with the tradional fishing harbor of it, the blue green water beaches and the deserted village of Porto Leone that time has stopped on the big earthquake of 1954. And just across of it the traditional city of Mitikas, build right on the water just like another little Venice.

Lefkada Kalamos    Lefkada Kalamos    Lefkada Kalamos   Lefkada Kalamos 4

Kastos (seal cave), Arcoudi and Atokos with its one house & cliff bay, are also some nearby amazing islands that definitely worth a visit too!

Lefkada Kastos    Lefkada Kastos    Lefkada Kastos

Lefkada Cave 1    Lefkada Cave 2    Lefkada Cave 3   Lefkada Cave 4    Lefkada Cave 5    Lefkada Cave 6